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Environment - ISO 14001
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The implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) leads the firms to minimise the impacts of their activities on environment, prevent incidents and establish an action plan to improve their environmental performances.

The ISO 14001 is the only international system recognised as the reference for Environmental Management Systems.

Based on the principle of continuous improvement (or Deming Wheel), it aims at identifying, monitoring and controlling the environmental aspects of any organisation.

The certification is a tool for the Management to ensure that the applicable regulatory and statutory requirements are controlled, that constraints are anticipated, that risks are better dealt with, to respond to the expections of the interested parties and to win a position on the market as an accountable firm.

In addition, AB CERTIFICATION offers environmental certification in stages. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


  1. Commitment to improve the environmental performances;
  2. Enhance corporate image;
  3. Differentiate from competitors;
  4. Optimize the economical and financial performance;
  5. Optimize production processes;
  6. Limitate the consumption of raw materials and energy;
  7. Reduce waste / disposals / pollution
  8. Clarify responsibilities and interfaces with the subcontractors;
  9. Motivate the whole staff members;
  10. Rcognition towards the interested parties;
  11. Follow a structured approach for planning and follow-up environmental actions;
  12. Prevent any pollution and control of the environmental risks;
  13. Improve the relationships with the relevant authorities;
  14. Anticipate changes in the legal requirements.


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