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Why Choose AB?

 Our COFRAC Accreditation

AB Certification is COFRAC accredited for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and French "Medical Visit standard". The scope of our accreditation is communicated on demand or could be checked on the COFRAC website COFRAC.

Continually improving and in order to meet your expectations and needs, new accreditation applications are in process and partnerships are implemented with other Certification Bodies.

 Our Commitment

AB CERTIFICATION is an independant Certification Body.
We apply the 6 principles laid out in the ISO 17021:2011 standard even though they are only recommendations:


AB CERTIFICATION is an impartial organization and shall inform its clients on the certification process and the Certification Committee independence towards the selected auditors and the internal organization of AB CERTIFICATION.

All companies have access to our services within the accredited scopes whatever are their activities, size, legal status without any discrimination.

The certification decision is based on the objective evidence stated by the auditors in his report. The recommendation for certification is done by one member of the Certification and the Certification Manager.

The Certification Committee is selected in such way to balance all interested parties without a predominant interest.

AB CERTIFICATION does not perform any consultancy activities.

In order to guaranty full impartiality and avoid faliliarity, AB CERTIFICATION selects an audit team for a 3 years period. For the renewal audit a new team is selected.


AB CERTIFICATION auditors are selected according to their competence in the companies’ activities as per their auditing skills and knowledge in the audited standards. Regular meetings are planned to update their knowledge.

AB CERTIFICATION implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 a,d uses this standard as a management tool and training of personnel.


All the requirements of the Management Systems Standards are audited during the initial audit, the renewal audit and the 2 years cycle.


The list of certified companies and their certification status (certification, extension, maintainance following surveillance audits, renewal, suspension, reduction of scope or withdrawal) is available upon request. For specific audits as per audits following complaints, the audit results are forwarded to the plaintiff (only unconfidential information is transmitted).


All AB CERTIFICATION personnel (either internal or external) as per the Certification Committee members shall sign a Confidentiality Disclaimer.

Handling of Complaints

Any complaint recorded within AB CERTIFICATION shall be handled according to the applicable procedures.

Indicators are established to evaluate the implementation of these principles.

Uplaod our procedure Handling of Complaints procedure.

 Our Customers’ opinion

Since our activity is only dedicated to certification, our duty is to accompany our clients through an impeccable service throughout the process of certification and auditing activity.

Some of them wanted to give their opinion.

General Manager of Hydrac (Hydrocarbon analysis and inspection)

Mr Justin Ndongo Keller was handed out on Friday 18th of April 2008, the ISO 9001:2000 certificate awarded to his company. This certificate has been handed out by Georges Abi Rached, General Manager of AB CERTIFICATION.

ISO ( International Standard Organisation) 9001:2000 relies on Quality Management principles that can demonstrate its ability to provide a product or service according to customer requirements as per legal requirements. It requires to do this, the implementation of an effective system including the management of business processes and continuous improvement.

ISO is a non profit organization consisting of a network of national institutes of 158 countries. constituée d’un réseau d’instituts nationaux de 158 pays. His work lead to agreements published as international standards. The aim is to establish a framework for worldwide compatible technology to enable the development of manufacture and supply of products and services more effective and safer to facilitate trade.

They also aim to provide governments with a technical base for health, safety and environmental legislation. To date, ISO has developed more than 17,000 international standards and 1,100 new standards are published annually.

The manager of Hydrac did not hide his pride. A pride all the more legitimate it is the first time a public-owned company in Cameroun and the Central African sub-region is certified to this standard, Mr Justin Ndongo Keller said.

Subsidiary of the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, Hydrac SA was founded in 1982 to allow the State of Cameroon to have an independent structure for inspection in order to protect its interest in oil transactions by controlling quantity and quality of crude oil and refined products in circulation in the country. And in recent years, Hydrac took an international dimension. Apart from its subsidiary in Chad, it has foothold in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Sao Tome.


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